How it all works.

I'm trolling New York City collecting maps from flyers, government reports, informational brochures and such with the notion that all these maps will all somehow join together to create a complete map of NYC. The maps have to exist in real life- no downloads and cannot be rescaled or cut to fit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Many new places

Morningside Heights has nothing in it but an old school and a couple of churches. Ha ha. Columbia University, Riverside Church and the massive Cathedral of St John the Divine, the 4th or 5th biggest church in the world depending on whether or not you believe Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral is bigger. Scousers build bigger churches than Yanks do, it's a fact. It has the biggest rose window in the world, you can't tell but the panel in the middle of the circle is 5' 7".

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