How it all works.

I'm trolling New York City collecting maps from flyers, government reports, informational brochures and such with the notion that all these maps will all somehow join together to create a complete map of NYC. The maps have to exist in real life- no downloads and cannot be rescaled or cut to fit.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Upper Manhattan recognisable.

After extensive trolling this weekend, I have continuity from 60th St to the top of Inwood. Very happy, this is going to be the final shape of the thing but I have a whole summer of trolling ahead of me to fill in all the tidy gaps. Thanks to the nice lady at the Morris-Jumel Mansion and a gorgeous map called 'Landmarks of Harlem.'

Barton Vodka should be avoided at all costs, even at $2.25 for a half pint. It gives you a hangover before you've sobered up.

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